Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Financial prosperity keys

Problem solving.
You don't have money problem.

You have an idea problem.

You don't have money problem

you have a wisdom problem

money is a reward for the problem you solve.
In other words until you solve a problem you'll not have money. To solve a problem you need an idea.
To solve a problem you need wisdom when get money without solving a problem you're getting it the wrong way, watch out!
School solves the problem of ignorance and literatcy. Your school fees becomes their reward.

Become service oriented.
When you serve, you earn.

Become impact oriented
when you impact, you earn with your talent serve excellently.
Use your talent in the required areas of opportunities.

Create an idea that your talent will gainfully be engaged. If you do you'll have a product which will bring you earnings, else your mind, do much thinking ask and find answers. Example, what problem can i solve for the educational sector? What problem can i solve for the Banking sector? Etc. If you find the answer. Present it and present the product that will solve such a problem. This will bring earnings.

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