Tuesday, 29 November 2011


1) Have an Organised reward system.
Seperate business money from your money.
Don't run your business without having an organised reward system. It shows how payments will be made.
How wnt should pay yourself and your workers.
Must have an organised payroll.
Don't use the business money for your welfare.
If you do it never grow. The business must have it's account seperate from yours.
If your business has N 550.00. Don't say it's yours. If you do so you'll soon convert it. If you allow business money stayput, its capital growth will help you expand.
2) Invest carefully.
Make pound decisions. As a small business there are investments that can be on your list of priorities. Make investments on assets to will give you quick return not all fixed assets will bring quick return.
Successful business owners put in as much money as possible into the working assets which bears cash and sales and as little as possible into fixed assets
3) make your enterpreneurs reward system poor.
In abite to paying urself now the business is small don't allocate a rich pay for yourself. This will help you have much amount left as a plough back capital for the business. $ 125, but my pay Is $ 4.00 per month. It is aimed at my ploughing back enough for business growth.
4) Balance sales and profit
Don't make your profit margins so poor that your growth for capital investment which will bring growth will be affected. Create a balance
In the field of your products think and put up varieties that will march demands, understand that man likes and enjoys Varieties. The more varieties of goods you've the more people you'll attract. This builds up small business easily.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Be insulated- Work against negative thought. You've got to guard your heart.
You've got to mount guards on your heart, refuse thinking how big it is, then you can unlock the solution on your inside. Unleashing the answer is accessable by a strong mind. Proverb 4:23.
No problem is new.
Millions have faced it before now.
Millions have solved it when they did face it.
You'll never solve it by underestimate yourself. Up there on your inside are untapped treasures for solving the problem. Sit down and tap it.
With the tapped treasure them blow off the problem.
You don't react like though you're empty. Think through for solution it will give you a creak through.( Isaiah 1: 19)
To illuminate the problem identify it, decide to solve it and them execute your decision toward having your answer.
To wait is to waste time and opportunities. Understand right now that wnt alone is responsible for managing your problem.
Don't expect anyone else to do it for you.
Look to God and to your own capabilities.
If you expect others to rescue you, you will only be disappointed.
Worse than that you may also become cynical and Bitter.
Make a list me positive reactions that can solve the problem. It will motivate you to do so. Then go ahead to approach and solve the problem.
Put your eyes on the future.
Set your eyes on your dreams.
Bring the picture of your future before you visualize the vision of the business again. Them you'll have an unceasing of strength not to stop but to move forward and have your required result.
Never be alone, dying in self-pity.
Never aspect depression
Do you need help? Then brk for it, Do not be too proud to tell people you're led to you need help. Do you need Hope? Are you discourage? Has enthusiasm waned? Do you want to quit, pack up and run away from life? Then ask for help. Seek it out. There is hope waiting for you,
Whatever else you do, communicate, you will be surprise at how help will come to you and your problem will be manage. In addition go for Information.
inspite your talent, dreams, strength, endowement. Potential etc, without dedication you'll fail. When you refuse to be dedicated you'll have unfulfilment. Why the failure? Because they've not given the problem all it needs and all they have. Anyone can succeed if he can be dedicated. Stick to it
Have and give it stay ability
the answer will soon be celebrated.
Don't quit and pack off. Give it your self, if it is an obsession then you have it,
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Saturday, 26 November 2011


Must be what you love and of God's approval in line with this word. If you do what you don't like you'll soon get out of it when you meet challenges. In what you love see a future and remain keyed to it.

Without focused you'll be side tracked. This is where most people miss it. Focuses on it and make a different,

Excellency brings outstanding.
Don't produce fakes, substanded and medicro products. Give the best you can give. It sales, it brings progress and cause retention of a customers. It is a proof of integrity. It announce you.

THINK HOW TO SERVE. If you do through the business money will come so easily. Per d even when you're discourage. Have the people at heart, please them. I can assure you there'll be no telling to how much they 'll pay you unknown to them.

As you do so of financial management you've succeeded in a future to opportunity to come. By this you can invert for expansion

Have a pound Adminstration and accounts.
A business with out records will suffer mismanagement and unable to grow. You can keep account records since you can. Tell when you've get loss or gain without record you won't tithe well and will struggle. Check it, records are proofs of seriousness and accountability before God


Be informed.
Don't do a business you lack a comprehensive knowledge of. Assumptions can led to frustration. Go for the facts that will make you fat. Don't just do it, No guess work.
Do what you know how to excell well. Again from where you begin further study.
B. Be a dreamer:
God can't perform more than you've seen. There is power in imagination. When you have a dream it becomes easy to make the move. It compells you. God is committee to it, you can only do what you place as an expectation. If you see an expanding business you see it happen. It motivates you to work it out and by so doing you're at the Top.
Don't spend the finances involved, Don't go wide because of the present progress. God suppliers needs not wants. Never buy what you don't need. Invest in needs and all your wants become needs- really before giving it attention. Dont make of it, be involved down to total respect of time and timing.
DON'T just deal on one product rather deal on more than one. Yet meeting your passion. Always get it pack full of new inventions, it refreshes, retains them for you and creates more demands,
If you remain with a product that has no innovation it will soon go obsulent and beaten in competition.
DO so in these ways
1: Heaven
2: Earth
Heaven: like i said before, let it reflect in your offerings. Be a tither, things will become tight. All business struggle will stop if you tithe, things will become tight.
Out of the business money send back into the business as an investment by so doing this will bring growth and causes more profit.
When you receive criticisms that are not of hatred, envy and jealously, you've got to say no to discouragement indeed. Don't give your mind to such thing rather give it to the thinking that will move the business forward.


1 Become a distributor.
There are kinds of distribution to make.
A) To God: Out of the income in the business invests it into God's kingdom this will involve God's hand in your business thereby causing it to expand and gain stability.
B) To God's servant: Out of the income row into God is using to bless you. When you do so, you'll have his blessings which will make you to expand and be established in your business.
C) To the poor: Anyone you're more blessed than is the poor for you.
When you give to them you're actually giving to God.
It will bring expansion and establishment.
D) Your goods: You'll have to carry out an organised distribution of your goods. Fight for an extensive net work of distribution. Make it easily accessible.

2 Problem Solving:
if the goods won't solve boy problem then it's not a business.
Business is problem solving. Market and deal with goods that solve stricking problems.
Distribute goods that you'll not have to beg buyers produce goods that the demand will be greater than the suppliers.
3 Respect Complains:
when your customers complain, do the necessary corrections, don't ignore it.
This is because they'll be comfortable with you when you meet their needs.
What a customer complains of is a pointer to his need.
It is a pointer to that his demand is like. That's how to win him.
4 Be a Possibility thinker:
Not to believe that your product will sell is a failure programming.
You'll always face the success and failure thought, but must keep to the success part. Only them will you be successful. When your mind accept is what your business will Become.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Financial prosperity in Harvest

Financial Harvests.
By financial harvest. We mean those refunds that come to you financial seed. It's important to sow. It's wise to have your harvest when you sow. Most people who sow don't harvest.
There are some principles that can unlock harvest whenever we sow.

1) During sowing have an understanding of how the harvest will come. Luke 6:38" Shall men give into your bosom.... Giving opens you to customers. Thereby increasing your income. Men are the vehicle that carries the harvest to me. We are challenged to have the works of our hand, it's so important to God. It is a created avenue for God to use and curse men to bring the harvest. Your gift will return to you in full. No dime of any gift, finances is withheld.
They will all come back to you. What you give never stay back or get lossed. It comes in an increase.

2) Action principle.
Another way you receive financial harvest is by receiving an idea. When God gives you an idea that will bring to you earnings, that's your financial harvest. Instead of thinking how to escape an idea, you should think of how to modify it and make it work. To refuse to act or put the action principle to work is to kill and hinder your harvest.
Much giving without the works of your hand makes your blessings hang. Your harvest hangs as a result. This is why God will give you an idea when you give, so that when you put it to work your harvest booms.

Sowing dimension In financial prosperity keys

Sowing dimension.
Financial seeds bring financial harvest. When you give you'll gave earnings, what you sow is what you'll have. You'll have to plant a seed of rice to have grains of rice. You'll have to plant a seed of yam to have a tube of yam. David released one stone to have goliath. You'll have to release what you've to get what you're looking for. This is a liar, without a release there can't be a return.
When you refuse to give, you've refuse to receive.
When you say you want to prosper financially, and refuses to row you're simply saying i don't want financial prosperity. Start rowing now to become prosperous. If God never gave Jesus, He wouldn't have able to get us from the devil

Financial prosperity keys

Problem solving.
You don't have money problem.

You have an idea problem.

You don't have money problem

you have a wisdom problem

money is a reward for the problem you solve.
In other words until you solve a problem you'll not have money. To solve a problem you need an idea.
To solve a problem you need wisdom when get money without solving a problem you're getting it the wrong way, watch out!
School solves the problem of ignorance and literatcy. Your school fees becomes their reward.

Become service oriented.
When you serve, you earn.

Become impact oriented
when you impact, you earn with your talent serve excellently.
Use your talent in the required areas of opportunities.

Create an idea that your talent will gainfully be engaged. If you do you'll have a product which will bring you earnings, else your mind, do much thinking ask and find answers. Example, what problem can i solve for the educational sector? What problem can i solve for the Banking sector? Etc. If you find the answer. Present it and present the product that will solve such a problem. This will bring earnings.

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