Saturday, 26 November 2011


1 Become a distributor.
There are kinds of distribution to make.
A) To God: Out of the income in the business invests it into God's kingdom this will involve God's hand in your business thereby causing it to expand and gain stability.
B) To God's servant: Out of the income row into God is using to bless you. When you do so, you'll have his blessings which will make you to expand and be established in your business.
C) To the poor: Anyone you're more blessed than is the poor for you.
When you give to them you're actually giving to God.
It will bring expansion and establishment.
D) Your goods: You'll have to carry out an organised distribution of your goods. Fight for an extensive net work of distribution. Make it easily accessible.

2 Problem Solving:
if the goods won't solve boy problem then it's not a business.
Business is problem solving. Market and deal with goods that solve stricking problems.
Distribute goods that you'll not have to beg buyers produce goods that the demand will be greater than the suppliers.
3 Respect Complains:
when your customers complain, do the necessary corrections, don't ignore it.
This is because they'll be comfortable with you when you meet their needs.
What a customer complains of is a pointer to his need.
It is a pointer to that his demand is like. That's how to win him.
4 Be a Possibility thinker:
Not to believe that your product will sell is a failure programming.
You'll always face the success and failure thought, but must keep to the success part. Only them will you be successful. When your mind accept is what your business will Become.

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