Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Financial prosperity in Harvest

Financial Harvests.
By financial harvest. We mean those refunds that come to you financial seed. It's important to sow. It's wise to have your harvest when you sow. Most people who sow don't harvest.
There are some principles that can unlock harvest whenever we sow.

1) During sowing have an understanding of how the harvest will come. Luke 6:38" Shall men give into your bosom.... Giving opens you to customers. Thereby increasing your income. Men are the vehicle that carries the harvest to me. We are challenged to have the works of our hand, it's so important to God. It is a created avenue for God to use and curse men to bring the harvest. Your gift will return to you in full. No dime of any gift, finances is withheld.
They will all come back to you. What you give never stay back or get lossed. It comes in an increase.

2) Action principle.
Another way you receive financial harvest is by receiving an idea. When God gives you an idea that will bring to you earnings, that's your financial harvest. Instead of thinking how to escape an idea, you should think of how to modify it and make it work. To refuse to act or put the action principle to work is to kill and hinder your harvest.
Much giving without the works of your hand makes your blessings hang. Your harvest hangs as a result. This is why God will give you an idea when you give, so that when you put it to work your harvest booms.

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