Thursday, 5 January 2012

U don't gain promotion by how much u've worked in the organisation.U gain promotion by the problems u solve.
U're paid by the problem u solve.Only a bandict earns without solving a problem
u're employed for provision.The problem u solve determines the raise u'll have.
In organisation every department is structured for a problem solving.This is target for a particular area.
The first day u gained the employment U OUGHT to find out the problem in ur department which u're to solve.Take an analysis of it and dedicate to it.Solve it until the result is evident Inspite of david's anointing he solved a problem to be promoted.To be anointed is not enough for promotion.The anointing empowers u to solve a problm than problem.It happened to joesph he came out of prism only when solved a for pharoph.He wasn't promoted because has been in the prism too long.Think of the problems to solve.Thats one way to b promoted.

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